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Stucco repairs, hard-coat and E.I.F.S Stucco Atlanat Area
Blue Star Stucco Services

Our Services Include

  • Cut back and seal to foundation for moisture proofing
  • Seal windows and doors
  • Seal termination points
  • Install proper Kick-out /Water Diverter Flashing, Repair Bulges, Cracks, De-lamination
  • All types of Stucco repair Synthetic EIFS or Hard-Coat.
  • Large or Small repairs O.K.
  • Removal of EIFS and replacement with real Hard-Coat


Blue Star Stucco Services
Blue Star Stucco difference

There is a difference

For the Metro-Atlanta stucco home owner, stucco is a term loosely applied to various kinds of plasterwork, both exterior and interior. The most common use is to refer to plaster or cement used for the external coating of buildings in North Fulton. Hard Coat Stucco consists of a mixture of cement or lime, sand and water, applied in one or more coats over rough masonry or frame structures. Synthetic or E.I.F.S. versions of stucco have come into wide use that include acrylic resins or polymers. The most common type is known as Barrier EIFS (Exterior Insulation and Finish System). EIFS most commonly called synthetic stucco has been used for a little over three decades in North Fulton, Alpharetta, Roswell, Marietta. It was developed in Germany during the 1950's to assist in the re-building of Europe after World War II. EIFS combines exterior finish system durability with good thermal insulation and a variety of textures and colors.

Hard Coat Stucco (HCS) has been used for decades, it has a long history that is well accepted and defined in the Model Building Codes.

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