Complete Stucco Resurface Atlanta


  • Cut Back and Seal Foundation for Water Proofing

  • Seal around Windows and Doors

  • Seal all Stucco Termination Points

  • Install Proper Kickout/Diverter Flashing

  • Repair Stucco Bulges, Cracks, Delamination

  • All Types of Stucco Repair, Hard Coat or EIFS/Synthetic

  • Large or Small Jobs OK

  • Complete EIFS Removal and Replacement with European Hard Coat Stucco System

  • Painting

The Most Trusted Name for Installation, Renovation, Repair and Water-Proofing
of Hard Coat Stucco and EIFS Homes in the Atlanta Area

Why choosing a smaller, family owned company is better than going with a one-stop shop

Some companies try to offer many different services. While this may sound like a good idea, there are many reasons why this is often bad for the customer. Co-mingling of skill sets is a common problem in these "big box" type companies. One day they may send a painter to do stucco work and the next day you get a carpenter who is training to do masonry work. With so many employees, the big box companies are constantly trying to retool their workforce. This results in a reduction of quality. Your home is not a training facility!


Many times the customer is left feeling like a number 

When you call Blue Star Stucco, you will speak directly with one of the owners of the company. No receptionist, no secretary, no middle man! This keeps our overhead low which means more savings for you, our customer. More importantly, we do not employ commissioned salespeople. So rest assured that when you schedule a free estimate, you will be visited by one of the owners of Blue Star Stucco who is a trained, certified stucco mason. 


Many times, our customers are relieved to hear that their stucco is not in as bad a shape as other companies have scared them into believing

We keep it simple. One of the reasons that Blue Star Stucco has consistenly been the highest rated stucco contractor in the Atlanta area is that unlike other companies, we never upsell. We analyze every home according to what needs to be done...nothing more. This builds trust and referrals, both of which are priceless to us!


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